Bariatrikum Berlin, DE

Bariatrikum Berlin, DE

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Bariatrikum Berlin, Deutschland


The Bariatric Berlin supports patients with Adipositas back into their way to health. It informs about the various therapy forms and supports morbidly overweight patients with chronic diseases.

  1. Webseite: Concept, Information Architektur, UX Design, Development, Content, DSGVO, Optimization (SEO, Images, Speed) per Google Developer Richtlinien, Copyright
  2. User Research: Competitor anlyis, Personas, Target audience, Benchmarks
  3. Graphic Design: Image management, Design Elements,
  4. Branding & Identität: Logo (multiple Farbinstanzen), Single Icon Design, Branding, Name Recherche
  5. Social Media Consulting: Strategy, Channel Selecttion, Digital Footprint
  6. Startup Consulting: Idea & Concept, Trademark, Copyright, startup assistance
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bariatrikum logo

A big thank you for the design of the website and branding for our recently founded Bariatrikum in Berlin. Dropistics owner, Yvonne, has helped me to create a wonderful experience which conveys the sensitive nature of Adipositas to our patients.