von Platen Yoga Studios, Atlanta, GA USA

von Platen Yoga Studios, Atlanta, GA USA

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von Platen Yoga Studios, Atlanta, GA USA

For Martina, Yoga is much more than a physical practice. It is a way of living life from an inner place of steady calmness and joy. Martina is a certified  Yoga instructor teaching three parts of the eight-limb path of yoga: the physical practice (Asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. We created a flyer announcing the opening of Martina’s new Yoga practice offering wellness courses in the Atlanta area, with expansion to Europe in mind.

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Martina von Platen yoga professional flyer creation

Martina von Platen Yoga / Atlanta, GA USA

I contacted Dropistic in order to help me to produce a flyer for my startup as a yoga teacher. The owner Yvonne Wilhelmi immediately and better said intuitively understood my idea and what kind of message I wanted to create. But much more, she brought this idea to life and made it even more clear to myself. To work with Yvonne in person or over the phone was simply delightful by being highly professional at the same time. I will continue to work with her using their startup package and really look forward to seeing my business idea come to life through their professional guidance.